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Originally Posted by Shaolin
one night, i drank a huge shot of bacardi rum, not the usual bacardi breezers or other fruity types, just bacardi (ICK) and it made me HURRRRRL!
Eeeww! Haha! i did that with aftershock once (blah!) that was NOT good lol .

Originally Posted by Shaolin
Another time i got smashed on whisky and brandy, and woke up vomitting, the vomitting didn't stop for hours, and everything i ate or drank was brought up quickly.
Yeah thats happened to me ....i would just try and take a tiny sip of water but - actually, i really dont wanna think about that lol. Im sure i woke up the next morning after that, and had an extremely well developed sick pack cos i was throwing up so much ....hehe!

When i was younger my friends and i used to go out just about every weekend and get smashed. I realise how that was kinda stupid though cos anything could have happened to us. I mean, we were just in a park or at someones house when their parents werent in.

2 of my friends have had to be taken to hospital cos they drank too much...that was kinda scary though cos around the same time of one of them, there was a 12 year old who had choked on his own vomit after drinking too much and died not far from where i live...

However the last time i planned on getting smashed my drink got spiked . I'd only had a few drinks so i wasnt paying as much attention as i should have been. Im annoyed at myself cos im usually careful about that, there are so many stories about what happens etc.... Its strange cos I remember everything up until a certain point then its just a complete blank. Theres like a section missing, i can remember everything before and everything after...its so frustrating...i try so hard to remember...but theres just nothing .
The even scarier thing about that is the fact that this was at my friends flat party(she lives in shared accomodation, with 5 other ppl) and they decided to each invite a few someone obviously came with an idea in mind....

Luckily though my friend noticed that i seemed pretty out of it and he looked after me all night while i was throwing up black stuff etc (nice lol), which i didnt even know until someone told me after. Im so grateful to him though, i mean, who knows what could have happened...

I just think that if you're gonna drink just be responsible about it (yeah i know, what a hippocrite ) by responsible, i dont mean dont get drunk or w/e, that is entirely up to you , i just mean make sure everyone looks out for each other and it may be an idea for somone to stay sober/less drunk just incase anything happens. Also, try to learn from other ppl's mistakes ....ive learnt alot the hard way.

Anyway, im 17 and i like....actually id be better telling you that i dont like beer (blah!) or red wine - yuck!
I do absolutely LOVE malibu and pineapple juice.....oooh, and you get these 'after-eight' shots (just like the chocolates ) mmmmmmn...hehe!

OMG! ive just looked back and have seen how much ive written, sorry ....i just cant seem to keep my mouth shut at the moment (...or should that be my fingers typing...haha! lol well you know what i mean )

Lots of Love

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