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Originally Posted by LIsailer19 View Post
the superbowl is the national football chamionship in america. it is an unoffical american holiday. even people who dont like football watch it because of all the new commercials that air during the game, and because of the halftime show (this year is Prince). it airs in dozens of countries all over the world. this year will be the 41st superbowl ever played.

i think the superbowl will be a really good game this year. the colts and bears i think are evenly matched and it should be fun to watch the top offense against the top defense. i'm picking the colts to win. although indi's defense isnt that great, i think rex grossman's stupitidy on the field will cost bears a ring. and the bears beat up on all three of my teams this year (packers, jets, and giants), so GO COLTS!

um you forgot how bad the packers beat up the bears on new years eve
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