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Red face Re: Sexiest Guy In Your Mind

Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
Describe the sexiest guy in your mind

Heres my VERY detailed opinion,

Male Desired Physic:

Muscle: Well toned at pecks and fairly chunky arms. Back must be muscle no big cones sticking out. Athletes legs (Hairy)

Looks: Broad shoulders, chunky arms, athletes legs, big jaw broad face, musically butt, button nose, Adams apple noticeable but not obvious, must be more muscle and little fat. Skin must be well tanned

Hair: Fair Brown – Blonde (not bleached) Red is sexy too. Must be spiked at front flat on top and short at the back and at the sides. Eyebrows> short – medium length. Very Little - Medium length pubic hair (pubs/ass). Legs none or a lot of hair. Chest – Stomach region none. Armpits a fair amount. Face slight stubble on upper lip and little on lower lip none everywhere else on face. Back hairless but on back of neck is nice. Arms none - little.

Face: Big jaw is nice and broad face. Medium size eyes blue (brown) (green is acceptable). Button nose, small – medium size ears. NO spots or freacals. Mouth small – medium size. Fairy big tongue but not to big. White teeth is a necessity.

Body Weight: Mostly muscle but no more than toned little fat.

Genitals: Penis should be about 5.5 – 6.6 (sometimes 7) inches big hairy. Balls should be fairly big but not to big. Ass should be built up and moderately hairy. Ass should be also quite tight but not uncomfortably tight.

I typed this up ages ago so if any the content is unappropriote just PM me
thanks, remember to post ur favourite
I like yous alot but I would want a bigger penis and balls ( WOULD WANT) I'm strait/ curious

curious boy
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