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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
I don't believe that suicide is someone's destiny. If you are born you're meant to stay alive until death happens on its own. You can't be born and destined to kill yourself - if you're born you're meant to stay alive otherwise it would be complete contradiction.

If you don't have a purpose then find one. Nothing is just going to come to you. Complaining and doing nothing isn't going to do anything. Have you actually done something differently with your life recently? Or do you just sit and complain and do the same thing?

If you want a purpose, then help people. Go volunteer at a hospital, animal shelter, nursing home, children's hospital, anything that requires volunteers.

Make your purpose to help others and get the satisfaction of helping them. Do something and don't put your life to waste. Do something different from the ordinary if you want change.

Bottom line is what you want out of life is up to you.

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I can see why you're a mod! This is great advice! Suicide is NOT ever someone's destiny! Because you cannot figure out your place doesn't mean you are out of place. It is your responsibility to use your heart and your head to figure out what it is you are to do with yourself, and just because it doesn't come easily doesn't mean it isn't there. Put yourself in new situations that require new abilities and develop the insight required to discover what your destiny really is.
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