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Default Re: New Sticky Ideas Wanted

Why don't you give a long list of date know...
1) Skiing/Snowboarding (that's expensive...i've done it and boy...)
2) Movies...
etc. etc. kinda like that....
And then give some advice to the guys and the girls on how to handle the date.... so....
1) Skiing/Snowboarding (GUYS: Don't make her go down any steep runs she doesn't want to do. GIRLS: Chances are if you challenge him to go down a steep run...he'll do it just to show off
2) Movies (GUYS: Don't pressure her into making out or stuff like that if she doesn't want to..instead hold her close to you [ done that before and she fell asleep in my arms] GIRLS: If you feel pressured into doing something you dont want to do like making out or even letting him hold you...tell him. If he really likes you he'll do what's best for you and so u are happy)

Kinda like that...
Oh and to those who are reading...The Skiing/snowboarding thing works like a charm...but where I live the resorts charge $90 per ticket. So unless you have 180 dollars put away somwhere then don't do me

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