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Default Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

-Everything involving numbers must be a multiple of five. ANYTHING. When brushing my teeth, grouping things (unless theyre different colors; I then group them only by color), cutting my Sugar Glider's food, just anything.
-positioning of things, like dishes, food in the cabnets or fridge all in ABC or size order.
-My glasses, fibers and dust particles annoy me.
-At school no one touches my stuff, it's all in place, date order and condensed imto one blider
-My headphones, don't even look at them too hard.
-baby wipes. I love them. I don't like sticky or questionable crud. Its like my hand sanitizer.
-My pillows
- and lastly grouping things by color. ESPICIALLY when i eat. Like with fruitsnacks, of which I ALWAYS have on my when i leave the house; without exeption. I ALWAYS lay them out and group them by color, then eat them lightest to darkest.

Just things I do.

Personally, I'm not sure that I have OCD, and I would be the last to start telling people i have it; because I'm sure thats annoying to those who legitimately are OCD. But i have a friend thats OCD and she has the same thing with color. A difference between playing with your food (most likely me) and having an OCD tendancy.might be something to add
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