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Smile Shaving

A lot of people ask about shaving their pubic hair, you know, would they ever do it, have they done, is it a good idea. Well I just this minute shaved the pubes at the base of the shaft of my penis, one, just to see what it was like lol, and two, in service to VT, so that I can get back to you all on my progress and whether anything arises from this.

I used:
  • A Wilkinson Sword Quattro razor
  • Nivea for Men Moisturising shaving foam
  • L'Oréal Men Expert Moisturiser, which soothes razor burn
It went really smoothly, it did get a little sore, but only for a little while. My dick has never looked better or bigger though lol. I only shaved the pubes which were growing on my actual penis shaft, and just the surrounding area.

I'll keep you posted if anything develops!

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