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how far should your cum shoot, should it be like a uren stream or just blobs, how much should there be
There is really no right way to cum. You either shoot, or drip. When you shoot it can shoot to your chest, face or even over your head sometimes. If you drip it all just comes out dripping down, or out of your dick. I think is all feels the same. Some guys claim that it also has to do with how horny you are. I believe this too. Also the amount of cum you have depends on a lot of things like, how many times you j.o that day, time between the last time you came, and food/drink intake also act as factors.

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what dose it fell like to be cut??
Well, for me I found out that I had a loose circumcision. I don't know what it feels like to be uncut, but I imagine having no foreskin covering my head would feel different from having foreskin covering the head. But since I am loosely circumcised I have mobile skin on my shaft that allows my hand to glide up and down when I jerk off without needing lube when I'm hard(But I do prefer lube). But the shaft skin never covers the head of my dick.

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