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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

I hate myself... I stumble for the first time in a month, and the knife slips, and the blood won't stop... At least I've kept off my arms this time... but my stomach and chest look like I've been mauled and the flowing blood won't stop.. Taken some blood clotters, but no difference yet.. the pain and the blood feel good though. BUt I won't go to hospital. if I've gone to far, then so be it. and I think I have. blood's slowing.. God I look a wreck. Why do I do this? it helps nothing. nothing at all. I am nothing worth looking at. And the urges are back already? what the hell. I just did it, and they're back already? no. I won't. fuck you. fuck you. get the fuck out of my head, shut up, no, no, no... back off. I won't, I promised him! no! fuck off! leave me alone, and shut the fuck up! please, please... shut up I'm begging you, be quiet.. let me have some peace. And the blood has stopped. I feel weak.

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