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Ok, just recently i have been really hard on myself...just making myself feel like a weirdo about certain things. I am kinda a perfectionist and a worreir. For example just recently I read a book required for school abaout this father who raped his daugter. I thought this was soooo horrible and it made me think omg that would be like me and my dad! omg soooo creepy and i imagined for a split second my dad doing that to i got a visual of that for a split second and i got really grossed out because i am not that kind of person. I love my dad dearly and that is why the thought creeped me out. Am i simply overreacting? is it normal that i imagined this for a split second? i know that ofcourse it's normal that it grossed me out really bad, but the fact that the visual even popped into my mind is what I am worried about. It's been bugging me because i want to know if this is normal and if i am just overractin...plz tell me your thoughts on this
thanks so much

i need to know if there is something wrong with me or not i know it sounds silly but i dont know if i hav a mental disorder or just anxiety

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