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Originally Posted by Shaolin
Originally Posted by RunAwayMolly
I hate beer! ICKICKICK... I love bacardi... cept lamone thats the only kind of bacardi i dont like. I LOOOOVE bacardi superior! Love it! I'm the only girl I know who can drink it straight! I know its not something i should be proud of... but i am
We are sooooo soo opposite. I love beer, but one night, i drank a huge shot of bacardi rum, not the usual bacardi breezers or other fruity types, just bacardi (ICK) and it made me HURRRRRL!

since then just the thought of smelling bacardi makes me wanna hurl
hmmm... i mean i can drink SOME beer... before I do a lot of drinking I'll chug a few glasses of beer down so my hangover isnt as bad... it works! But yeah if you dont like bacardi... more for me!

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