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Default Ya, I really don't know

Well, theres a girl. I've know her for a year or 2 now, we talked in school and stuff, just a casual friendship, we never even hung out outside of school...

We would always laugh and stuff, but this is no suprise to me as I'm generally a sociable funny person.

So last week (out of the blue) she called me (i guess i gave her my number once) and asked if I wanted to go see a movie with her and her friend and her friend's bf. So we went, we had a good time, made small talk... whatever, no big deal. I dropped her off and she said it was fun and to call her if i ever wanted to hang out again.

Then she called the next day for no apparent reason, she just said she was bored and wanted to see what i was doing, i told her I was tired and that i had to work the next few days but if she wanted we could hangout again during the week. So she said she would call.

She called and asked if I wanted to come over, So I went to her house.
She put a movie on and we sat there and talked through the whole thing for like 2 hours, we laughed and had a good conversation, it was fun. I noticed she remembered almost everything I said when we went to see the movie, because she more than once mentioned things that I had brought up.

She walked me outside to my car and said she would call me when she got back from vacation (this upcoming week).

So... my question for everyone...

Does she... like me? I really can't tell because I've never really thought of her like that, more like a friend.

I'm just looking for an honest reply because she honesly caught me off gaurd with this whole thing and I dont know what to think of it.
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