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Default Re: Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome: AHHH!!!

Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Hey everyone, I've heard of TMS before, and I was wondering what you guys thought about it (I dunno, it could just be a load of bull... but ya never know...). Here's a link to it's description, in case you guys don't know what it is. Oh, and if the link doesn't show up, just google it (can't be that hard to find, right?).

Tell me what ya think!
Erm, it is a difficult question to answer. I have looked at a couple of sites about this (including the one you posted here) and it seems a bit dubious as no follow up research has been carried out. This theory (for that is all it is, a theory) is not looked upon all that favourably by many health professionals. For what it's worth, I am more inclined to side with the opposition he has received. At least they have other evidence to support their statements of other stressors contributing to sexual dysfunction.
Sank's theory isn't widely recognized in the medical community, and there hasn't been follow-up research to see if his claims are valid. Other researchers have cited that problems with getting and maintaining an erection or ejaculating may be related to more pressing issues, such as how often a guy masturbates. However, because sexual dysfunction can be caused by stressors in a person's emotional, psychological and/or physical well-being, there might be other issues at hand.
Btw Free Runner, maybe next time you should familiarise yourself with the topic in hand - just my two cents.

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