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Unhappy not sure what to do

ever since i was about 5 years old my dad got imjured at work and has massive back injuries from which he'll never recover and every year it gets worse and worse. But lately my dad went to the dentist and they triggered some kind of nerve in his mouth and now he gets a pain so increadibly bad that he starts crying and says he's going to do. Not only do i feel helpless that i cant help him because now this new mouth problem will never go away either the doctors said so and his back only gets worse.the problem is i dont know how to deal with it anymore,since i can remember i always tried to ignore this problem and it has seem to worked but as my family gets more and more stressed from him being in pain and hes always angry which makes everyone else angry and i try to ignore all this and try to remain happy.But lately its escalated and i cant ignore it no more my dad now has to be rushed to emergency sometimes and im getting this anger built up inside and sometimes i let it out on my family. seeing a counciler is not a option and if ur confused by my post dont worry just ask and ill re explain my dad was just sent to the hospital so im kinda stressed plz give some tips.
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