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Originally Posted by 1234 View Post
Yeah, basically everyone at the school I go to matured at an early age. Almost every guy there had matured in 7th grade or early 8th that might also be another reason that I feel out of place.
That's early to mature - you don't fully mature until at least 17! And you are DEFINATELY not behind for your age (I've read all the posts in this thread). You are just average and need to wait it out. A year isn't that long to wait for growth. My penis was the same size for a year.
You just need to wait it out because you are developing soo nicely. I'm 6 inches, about 113 pounds, about 5' 5" and I'm 14. We're different. I'm just a bit bigger on size and you're both heavier and taller. In fact, you're very close to the average height.

Just wait it out. It's not taking long at all and you've got about 6 years on puberty left. You could grow 1 inch in 2 of those years and get taller by 4 inches. It's not that long and you should have other, better things to focus on
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