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Default Re: I am really weak

Originally Posted by TheDude View Post
I don't know, I want to be stronger and taller. So that would mean increasing muscle mass without weight training? Is it possible?

I mean there is no evidence but I want to be safe...I don't want to be really short all my life, especially as my family are all around about 6'0''
Don't worry - as I've said, there's not much correlation with that. It's basically a myth that weight training stunts your growth. Only in special occasions (over weight training, like body building during your teens) will do such a thing. You have nothing to be worried about besides whether you're gonna get over your fears and go weight train. Weight training is the best way and the quickest...and if you do it right, you're gonna be so happy with the results. I don't know of any sure-fire way besides this. And crunches/push ups aren't the way to start because it's a set weight and you won't gain much with strength. Plus you can start out so much slower with weights.

And it's said so much in this forum...YOU'LL GROW! It's puberty man...You will grow. You are only 13! Just 13. You might grow 6 inches in a year. Puberty varies so much and you might get a growth spurt next year or this year.

But whatever the case, don't worry about it. When you're an adult, worry about getting a job, getting a marriage, and raising your children, not how tall you are!

You're welcome Jeremy :-]

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