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Default Re: I am really weak

It annoyed me too. I started a weight training class in school and everybody bothered me and taunted me every day. Most people are taller than me...but I don't care, because I look at the 7th graders and I'm like "I am NOT THAT short..."

If you aren't gonna do something, and if you can't be bothered to do something, don't tell us about it unless you're gonna go for a change. If you can't be bothered to do anything that you might as well decide to change or stay the way you are. You have to take charge of it and you have to learn the machines and free weights in order to gain muscle mass.

I'm not a miracle story...I started out super skinny, and I gained muscle by lifting weights. That's all I did and it's been a whole summer with lifting weights. I'll still be the weakest person in the class. But at least I did something so I can be someone, and at least I know how to do it better than those other guys. I have much more symmetry in my muscles/strength and I have a better technique. And at the very least, I have biceps I can show off now. You might never end up at the top. But at least don't be on the bottom. And if you are at the bottom, be at the bottom of a good group, not the bottom of the worst.

I hope you read that, because that's the advice I have to give!
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