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No I don't believe in destiny. We can't know it for sure and you have to create your own future for yourself and build it based on your interests, feelings, and hopes.
With that, I believe it's your duty to make a life for yourself and try to be good at whatever you od and have fun, reguardless of whether you're stuck up, rude or pissy.

I had no idea who I was going to be, what I liked, and how to do something in life. Then I changed schools - I started things that were big and out of the ordinary. I got in my first orchestra, I went to a public school, I took a weight training class, I bugged my coach to teach me how to shoot a basketball I learned First Aid and noticed that I'm interested in health and I might have a minor in some form of medicine.

I had no hope - I was depressed. But I came out of it. And that's why I think that everybody else can - they can change their life if they want. Either on their own, with some help from a doctor, or just from their family and friends. Get active in the school year. Make sure you get good enough grades and join a club or group so you can meet new people. Don't lie to yourself that you're happy though. Accept it and find ways of happiness that make you cheerful. Go for the gold in life - even if you just make it to bronze
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