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Default my destiny?

do you believe in a persons destiny? like, a persons purpose in life is?
because, i dont find a purpose in my life.
i always wonder: am i destined to commit a genocide like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did in 1999 ?
i dont know what to do, and im scared.
and im not even sure if this is the right place for this
but im scared, i dont feel a purpose in my life. i just feel suicide is my destiny

EDIT: not only that, but i follow many symptoms and/or signs that i could be very just like the school shooters there. one of the kids had OCD just like i do. also i think that same kid, wrote a "scary" shooting essay in school and got in trouble. i too wrote something inappropriate in school and got in trouble with it.
im just scared if these things are gona lead up to something bad

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