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Default Re: Boy, 11, 'gave two pre-school girls STDs'

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
i can understand and even agree with some of the things you said but he IS a monster, regardless of how his life has been he is a monster. imagine if your daughter, or little sister was one of those little girls. having to life with an std becuase some sick little fuck cant control himself.
Again, you don't knowthe circumstances. You have no idea whatsoever why he did it, so therefore you cannot just label him some 'sick little fuck' or a 'monster.' I'll say it again, he obviously needs HELP, not HATE, which is something you don't seem to be able to understand. Maybe it's just because I know someone who was in a similar situation, but either way I refuse to assume that this kid deserves what you insist on dishing out- scorn, disgust, and hatred. It's just not right. Period.
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