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Originally Posted by Yeller View Post
if you want to go to the extreme you could go to a doctor and ask for hormones, though i do not recommend this because it could harm your body. if you could describe exactly where you are (you know, the usual: height, age, weight, penis size, body hair) that would help to get a better understanding of where you are.
I'm 14, about 5"8, 180 lb. (lotta fat ) hmmm, penis size erect: about 4 in. I'd say, and non-erect: about 2-2.5 in. For body hair, ok, I've always had a lotta hair on my upper lip (been like that for about 2 years or so), and not much on chin. Near my penis, I have a lot of pubic hairs, and they are dark and curly, not that much hair on legs or arms, and not too much hair under my arms.
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