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Default Re: Boy, 11, 'gave two pre-school girls STDs'

Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
First of all, point me to the person who said he was innocent. Secondly, "right and wrong" are perceptions and opinions, and I know from personal experience that an 11-year-old boy who is raised poorly with zero guidance that developed several mental problems through his childhood can indeed not understand the world's idea of right and wrong, can become confused, and can make horrible mistakes. As a matter of fact, this boy I know was in almost this exact same position. Is he innocent? No. Does it make him a bad person? Do I hate him? Do I or the family of the child he assaulted spite and shun him? NO. He is a CHILD who needs HELP, not HATE. You disagree with how people think nowadays? Well I disagree with how YOU think, if you think that an 11-year-old boy who is obviously disturbed in some way should be treated with the harshness of a grown person because of mistakes they made, without having so much as an INKLING as to the circumstances under which it happened. You don't know WHY he did it, but you're very quick to pass judgement on him and assume he's a terrible person that everyone should hate.

*breath in. breath out*

I'm sorry for my mad rant out of nowhere. But I did mean everything I said and I admit I'm rather biased because of my 'personal experience.' But seriously, he's 11- you can't just assume he's some horrible monster.
i can understand and even agree with some of the things you said but he IS a monster, regardless of how his life has been he is a monster. imagine if your daughter, or little sister was one of those little girls. having to life with an std becuase some sick little fuck cant control himself.
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