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Originally Posted by Yeller View Post
In my opinion: god doesnt exist. i dont believe in any religion, and i think people who believe in god are idiots. it BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME when a person of any religion acts condescendingly towards me, or anyone non-religious. my dad was talking badly about bush with his friends and a woman walked by and said to him "i'll pray for you". watching an argument on youtube with a man who did not believe in god, and a woman who did, the woman said she will ask god to save him, even though he had sinned badly. people who bring religion into EVERYTHING is the most annoying thing ever, that is truly the one thing that bugs me the most. if anybody tries to shove religion down my throat i swear i'll murder them.

that's my opinion!
sorry to say but you sound like much more of an idiot then the religious fanatics. to simply say anyone who believes in god is an idiot is totally ignorant and frankly stupid. Noone really knows the mysterys of life. what proof do you have that some higher being or "god" doesent exist? Im not a religious person but im very open to the fact that we may very well have been created by something greater then us.
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