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i get very paranoid and have been for a long time since i was quiet young, because i was beaten up when i was 7 by aload of older teens for no reason and ever since i'm always conviced everyones out to get me.
i also think that my mum and dad have camaras all over the house watching me, i know theres nothing there but in the back of my mind i still think there ,there.
i also can't sleep in a dark room and have to have all the windows in the house shut before i can even attemp to sleep, but still i think that someone in my room and sometime i can be half in a dream but be looking around the room still but people from school and people i know will be in my room watching me try and sleep or sleep and i panic and no matter how much i hind under the covers they can all still see me .*messed up or what*

it effects me when i'm out too, i always think that people are following me or planning to attack me. and i think people can read my throughts, and for some reason i avoid eyecontact cos i think this is how they read my mind. also recently i've started to believe that other people can talk to each other through thoughts except for me and there all talking about me, and now i isolate my self and advoid being in a group situation.

and i think the man across the road is spyin on me and is always watchin my window so i keep the blinds closed all the time.

i know it's starting to get out of control and it's effecting my life , but i read that it can be really hard to treat paranoia.
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