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Default Re: Pleasee help? Guys advice is nice too.

Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
Well you can hardly put a number on how long you have to have known someone in order to really love them- especially talking about someone besides yourself.
I'm using it as an approximation, I see many couples claiming to love each other, then 2 weeks later breaking up. Surely this wasn't true love then? Call me old-fashioned but people say love way too much nowadays.I will tell a girl until I'm positive I could spend the rest of my life with her / marry her that I "really like her" but won't say love her until I'm sure.

I've been in hmm, something like 11 relationships. My most recent was 2 years long, and we never once said we loved each other because we knew we had issues/arguments that went unresolved. We liked each other, enjoyed each others company and wanted to date. It was a very open relationship, but it was never love.

Marine, you're going bit by bit so I don't miss anything.

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
Hell even love at first site.
In this one line, you've already lost the argument. Love sure as hell can never be from first site. Know why? You know NOTHING of their personality / emotional capacity or psychological tendencies. Infatuation and Lust at first sight do exist, love? fuck no. The fact that you even said that boggles my mind, but your age speaks for itself through that.

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
Just because u date someone for two months doesnt mean that u love them.
I didn't say that. Learn to read good In my opinion dating someone 2 months or more, is the time you need to be SURE it's not just infatuation at first sight. Infatuation can last a lot longer in certain cases. I knew a girl for a full year, and wanted to date her that entire year, I was SO "in love". But now it's passed, I've seen her flaws and think she's a total drama whore.

Your little speech of the gates of hell. I would do that for any girl alive buster, because it's the gentleman thing to do. That's called being a nice guy. Does this suddenly mean I'm in love with every girl alive? Surely not, many I find grotesque, but I don't think they deserve pain or suffering.

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
its more painful than being hit by a thousand lightning bolts at once and if feels as good living in your dream leaving the creul harsh world behind.
Love really shouldn't be painful there mate. People that lose love in a relationship, may cause a lot of pain to the other person. But being in love with someone should never be painful.

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
but when ur not with them it will hurt...
Again, here I disagree. If you mean "I can permanently never be with them, ever again" the yes, that would hurt. You'd be missing a part of you. If you just mean "I'm not currently with the person I love *tear*" then you're clingy and don't grasp the concept of love. Needing to be with someone constantly is a form of lust (it doesn't necessarily imply sex as much as physical contact).

I'm sorry, but anyone below the maturity level of a 20 year old, I don't think can fully grasp love, hell even then it's iffy.

I don't fully grasp love, nor do I claim to. But I'd like to believe I've got a hold of a bit of it for awhile, even if that never worked out. Every guy will go through his first heartbreak when he's young, and it's good because it makes them realize there's more fish in the sea, don't be dumb and devote all your time to someone that you're just INFATUATED with.

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