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Default I know how stupid this sounds, but please help me!

I know how stupid and pathetic this sounds, but it is really important to me.

I have "fallen" for an actor. This is kinda' embarrasing to talk about so i wont go into to much detail or anything, but yes i have fallen for an actor.

I know that this is usualy completly vain, and pointless, but im not sure in this case.
  • She is the same age as me.
  • She actualy uses the fan sites and forums and stuff.
  • I know the difference between fancying someone and lust. And this isnt lust.
  • The person isnt that famous, and doesnt want to become famous.
  • She is really downto earth, and friendly.

I know theres a lot ive missed out, I made up a list of about 30 things earlier. Please help!!! I know how stupid this sounds.
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