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Default Re: Does anyone have any form of motivation

Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
Well I read on a suicide thread the Five Minute Game, where you keep saying to yourself "I'll kill myself in five minutes" Maybe you could do the same thing with cutting, and just keep going at intervals of 5 minutes occupying yourself with something until the urges pass.
I dont like that personally
self harm isnt like suicide
and just the idea of ya okay in 5min for either is disturbing
not trying to be mean it might work great for someone else

My suggestion
find something worth fighting for
worth protecting
step back and look around
I have a 5yr old nephew that for some really weird reason just idolizes me
I have a pregnant cousin thats my age who already has a 4yr old baby boy
she has allot going on and needs help if anything I have to be free to help her
I have a REALLY good friend and I know me cutting would hurt him

I think about it CONSTANTLY
I havent done it in awhile now like over 2 months if not more
but I still think about it multiple times everyday

and everytime I do I think of the people I'd hurt if I did
and that stops me
I ALWAYS have a blade on me at all times and many more in my room
and I ALWAYS have an arm band or vet wrap on around my arm because I need to know that my blade is there that I have it here with me and I need to have the slight pressure around my arm
If I dont have both I get very scared and angry
and I lash out at anyone near me

I have music
and i go for walks
i get out of the house

just blasting music and walking works GREAT
have the music loud enough thatyou can hear yourself think
and just walk
left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, etc....

thats what I do anyway

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