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Default Re: A couple questions and comments.

You weren't notified right away but later you were.
To be quite frank. I do not think that I was notified. I searched my PMs and I always keep my important ones and I have NEVER recieved a PM randomly from a mod unless I inquired first. I think that I was "Notified" when I inquired about it. I understand that you forgot but I never knew that mods actually did that. I NEVER EVER EVER EVER knew that mods contacted you when a post was deleted. Becuase its only happened a few times and I was never contacted in any situation unless I did inquire first. So I guess my question was answered in a way when you mentioned
So to address your suggestion, we do notify members when stuff is deleted.
So thanks for clearing that up!

And about the siggy thing I never knew that it was exteneded so you dont have to address me about that anymore. Also in the past my siggys have been relativley short and I usually try to paraphrase them and got straight to the point. The only problem that I have is that I dont have enough space to make them "look pretty". To avoid further discussion about my already answered questions I would like this thread to end up in some way! Thanks for everyones help and I'm sorry for the inconvinence and bringing my sorry ass suggestions that always end up as questions or something to yall! Soo...

~Laura was here~

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