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Default Re: A couple questions and comments.

Basically, everytime you post, you submit content to these forums. Now just like any other submission, your posts may be denied or approved. To let things slide much more fluidly than a 1000+ user queue, there's no middle man to deny or approve them between the time you post and the time your post shows up in the forums. However, content that is posted is reviewed at a later time and that is when we decide to keep it or not. If it's not kept, it's for a reason. Forum administrators and moderators may not have the time to inform you of posts that were deleted. I appologize, but this suggestion will never be a rule within our staff - a guideline, sure, but not a rule.

The signatures have enough space as is. I believe that users with above 2,500 posts may use up to 10 lines, which is over-doing it, but those users have been browsing the forums for at least 6 months and should know how to hangle their signature - if not, privileges will be reduced accordingly.

I've said this time and time again... Signatures should not be something that contains a large amount of content and pictures. Maybe a few pictures and some lines to describe the person (maybe a quote or something like it). There's not reason to go get 5 userbars for your signature, then put a couple quotes, then have something about what you like, and then have what shoe size you are. Granted that not every member does that, but there's no reason to have more than 8 lines. My signature has suited me for a long time. It's only been slightly modified since the beginning, but otherwise it's been like that for years, and it's only 6 lines. Think about your signature and what it represents before you think that you need more lines.

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