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Default Re: Pleasee help? Guys advice is nice too.

well...uhh no offense but that was kinda a stupid move. Anyways yea hes probably just freaked out. If hes as mature as he sounds he will grow up.

And no offense Octo but love can be anything. Hell even love at first site. Just because u date someone for two months doesnt mean that u love them. I know what love is trust me. Speaking from a religouse point of view here is my idea of it. I have fallen in love with this one girl...and if she and I died in a car accident, she was condemned to the 9th ring of hell and I were welcomed into the gates of heaven I would give my soul for her...I would switch places for her. I would go straight to the pits of hell for her just so she can have the happiness that I want her to have. So please don't even try to describe love because what I just said wasn't even close to how it really feels and how it really hurts when you cant be with that person.

My advice is if you love him then say you love him. If your not sure....DO NOT SAY IT!!! The three words " I Love You" ARE NOT to be fucked around with. Love is complicated. You have a simple case of just liking this guy. Not loving. Trust will know when you are in love....its more painful than being hit by a thousand lightning bolts at once and if feels as good living in your dream leaving the creul harsh world behind. Everything seems to just lift off your shoulders...every stress...everything seems like it is completely pointless. Love is hard to find...but when you find it even when you are not with that person it feels great...but when ur not with them it will hurt...Never trust love...meaning dont trust the fact that he could love you back.

That is an act of Love. To me...That is love.

Our Love will Never Die...
I Am Ghost

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