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Default Re: A couple questions and comments.

Originally Posted by orchdork View Post
Well I dont think that its a huge problem I just thought I should add that while I was makeing the thread. I did not start this thread becuase it just happened like 5 mins ago. I just think that it would be nice.
And moderators do. You have one incident when you weren't notifed and you make it seem like it happens all the time. That was just an isolated case. You weren't notified right away but later you were.

The moderators are doing their job and do let members know when moderators do moderating actions. What I don't like is that you take one incident you weren't notified immeadiately and turned it into as if your posts are being deleted and we don't tell you as if its a constant thing.

So to address your suggestion, we do notify members when stuff is deleted. I'm sorry that I forgot to PM you about that one incident where a post was deleted and you weren't notified straight after.

Like I said, PM a moderator if you're unsure if something happened in the forum, but we do our best to notify people of what's being moderated. You've heard a lot from me in the past so you know its being done.
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