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Default Re: A couple questions and comments.

Well I dont think that its a huge problem I just thought I should add that while I was makeing the thread. I did not start this thread becuase it just happened like 5 mins ago. I just think that it would be nice. And yeah like I said I really wasnt paying attention and I do admit that I was following the spammer and I reported all the posts to the mods. Also the PMs we had just said why it was deleted and all that crap becuase I was told to report questions to yall. And I did. That was all that was discussed or explained in the PMs and threads. How I should go about handling the situation. Also that was the first time that happened to me. I had no idea what to do or what the hell was goin on. But thats not the immediate point. All I would like to happen is if post were deleted where you were actually in conversation (even if it was off topic) for someone to let you know so youre not wondering. Its just one small thing that would make VT an easier place to be. Its just a suggestion. Im babbling. So im stopping

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