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Default Re: A couple questions and comments.

No you're not stupid. and I had a quick look of your posts and few have been deleted. So I think you're exaggerating a bit when you make it seem like it's some massive problem your posts are being deleted constantly without warning. I have explained to you in PMs about a post or two being deleted so I don't see what the major problem is. Any that I deleted of you are not because you "talk a lot" its because they're rude, spam, and/or off-topic.

You have very well been explained by PM me of what's acceptable and I believe Andy explained to you in another thread. Perhaps you missed them but they are there.

Actually now I'm reading through your post history and I deleted a few posts:
1 incident you posted in every thread a banned spammer posted making comments like "wow, you're on a roll tonight" and "your like the funniest person ever!!!!!!" I figured it would be obvious they were deleted because they were just encouraging a spammer and were deleted along with the spammers post.
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