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I used to hate how skinny I was (like a stick). So I took a weight training class, and it's true that it does take time to build muscle. Although once you get the motivation and a jump start, it'll seem easier. I'm not completely happy with my body, but I know that since I started, it'll be great from here as long as I keep going. It'll also help with depression because it gets out extra energy and produces endorphins that heighten your mood!

I totally agree with serial-thrilla and Anthony

Here are some good tricks that I just read in the thread:

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~
Eating carbs right before you sleep isn't a good idea as you don't have time to use it all up.
Originally Posted by tom223
eat a big breakfast considering that you do most of your work after you are going to eat your first meal. Then eat a smaller lunch and dinner, really makes no sense to be sleeping on a full stomach knowing that is the time when you are least active and you wont burn anything off at all.
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