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Originally Posted by CryingEye666 View Post
i feel like im fat... i mean i got extra fat on me and i hate it so much!
i have an ab lounge (excersize machine) and i been using it...not often though
i just cant seem to use it frequently, i use it here and there at times, but not all the time..
i know i want to get un-fatted , but it's so hard
i mean, no one calls me fat at school, or anywhere else, but thats cause i got my shirt on at school.
when im either in the shower, i look at myself in disgrace
i just feel like im freakin fatty and i cant take it anymore!!!

what should i do?....

well crying about it wont do you any good. i used to be the same way until about 8 months ago i got off my ass and got a gym membership. now im proud of the way that my body looks. getting in shape isent easy. it takes lots and lots of hard work and commitment. you also have to watch what you eat. i used to hate the way i looked before to, and i use that as motivation to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and do cardio at least 3 times a week. Just think how badly you want to be in shape and use that to fire you up for workouts and to never half ass what you do. dont get discouraged either, building muscle takes time.

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