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Yea I don't drink allot but i've been having alcohol for a very very long time. My mum's made sure that i've had a lil of everything from plain ole beer to saki and everything in between. She's an alcoholic, trying to quit but right now she's colmpletely out of it upstairs (totally trashed, passed out, gone kinda thing) so I don't think thats workin out very well. Point is theres allot of booze in the house and i'm allowed it whenever I want, she said she wants me to be able to have it at home where i'm safe instead of trying to get it elsewhere. I still don't touch it much and i've never really been drunk, no offence but i've seen first hand what it can do to a person. I'm 17 now.

Oh and as far as wasting my's 1:25am and I just spent the last 15minutes playing with styro foam and bubble wrap.......nough said

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