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Default Where am I in Puberty?

Hi, I'm 13, i want to know where i am in puberty,
my penis is about 4" when erect when flaccid about 2.7" i have some hair around my butt, quite hairy legs a bit of hair on my stomach, i have a fair amount of pubic hair and armpit hair has been growing for a good few months now but i only noticed it was longer today(still not that much). im 5'9 . My voice also cracked (well i don't know)about twice today, once in the morning when i did a meow(cat impression) and my voice suddenly screamed and once at about 5ish when i was talking my voice suddenly went low, can you tell me whether my voice was actually cracking? I had a cold that day aswell. I can't do very good cat impressions anymore because when i try my voice just sounds like air.

So where am i? ps please tell me if u think my voice was actually cracking

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