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Originally Posted by olivia View Post
Wow ya are back. i was wonderin where ya were

but anyways Thar seems it seems like world peace aint going to happen to much people will always fight on things there would be world peace if Eve didnt partake or the fruit and Adam to and as said above man will always fight but keep ya faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ and everythang will go fine. Man has many different religions like in Islam if someone wont become Muslim then they say kill them or so what i have heard and people will force thar beliefs on everybody and that thar will never be peace in the world but when the Judgement day comes and when the earth is no more thar will be world peace. hope this helps
Hey hey hey let's not start pointing fingers at religion for all this war and violence. Why not blame every non-religious death on athiesm?

Now to say what we've all been repeating like parakeets for so long now, some people will always have bad intentions for this world, and that is why we can't have peace.

Where is the thread creator anyways? He seems to have said one thing so long ago and has never returned to be verbally raped by all this one-sidedness.
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