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Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
Remember that you have to be actively a part of your relationship and always know at all times what's going on with both of you- if something's not right on either side, you must COMMUNICATE. There is absolutely positively no chance whatsoever at having a good relationship without talking about EVERYTHING. Well, that's what I think, anyway.
I very much disagree with this point. I find a relationship in which you're both somewhat distant can work out even better.

I don't mean shutting the person out completely, just example:

My current girlfriend is two years older than me, we can go several days without talking/seeing each other. But when we're together everything's cool. We trust each other and know we won't cheat, but we don't want the relationship to become what most girls want, which is (blah blah emotions boring) to guys. She likes to have fun, and we're keeping the relationship fresh. We don't hang out, just to hang out, we hang to party/watch movies/ go clubbing / go drinking.

If you need to know everything going on with the person, you're considered clingy.
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