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I'm an atheist, and when I argue about religion with somebody. I don't try to tell them their thing is wrong and that they should change, because I don't know for sure that there is no god. But if someone brings it up, I will give them my point of view and supporting facts, and then challenge them to do the same.

If someone can give even one reason and one supporting fact about why god exists, that I Can't prove wrong, just shows that I haven't looked into my choices long enough, and that I can't decide for sure if god exists or not. But so far that has never happened.

And one thing that does bother me about a lot of religious people is that they haven't looked into any other religion besides their own. They argue that their god is real, when they don't even know a shit about another religion. I have looked into lots of religions of the world and I can prove everything wrong using logical sense and a mind. And you can't even argue with a stubborn religious person, because you can't argue with a stubborn person period. They won't die other sides of the story, and opt to look at only their point of view when the opposing person might be saying something that just brings their whole arrogant tower crumbling down.
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