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Originally Posted by TheDude View Post
I have 2 questions.
I am 13, and I masturbate like once or twice a day but not consistently.
When I masturbate I get an erection and i feel proper good (duhh) but the erection says too long it annoys me because then afterwards if I have to go out or something its annoying

Also I dont really cum much and the one time I did, it was only a little bit and it was a little translucent...
It definitely wasnt piss because i hadnt drunk much that day and like an hour later i had to piss it was proper yellow
why isnt the cum proper white?
1) it's a common problem. Just relax and sing a tune to yourself - it goes away farely quickly if you don't focus on it.

2) Since you're only 13, you may not be able to produce a lot of cum, and the cum you may produce may not have enough sperm in it to make it appear white. You'll start producing more cum and it'll turn white after a few months or years, when you're farther into puberty
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