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Default Re: Sex - waiting for girl to orgasm

Originally Posted by TeenGuy512 View Post
OK, so when you have sex, and the guy has his orgasm, but the girl hasn't, do you keep going - b/c when I j/o, my penis begins to go flacid after a couple minutes.
After you orgasm, you're done. You can't keep going, especially if you're wearing a condom. After you orgasm, you need to stop immediately otherwise the condom can slip off and spill which can get her pregnant.

Most girls can't orgasm on penetration alone so you'll have to find other ways to get her to orgasm whether it be oral sex or fingering.
Originally Posted by TeenGuy512 View Post
so how long should you try that for before just giving up and orgasming?
It depends on the girl - we can't speak for her. Sex requires a lot of communication so that's something you'll have to work out with her. Plus, you yourself can only last for so long.

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