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Default Re: is my penis too small for age

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
No. I'll tell you straight - it is smaller than the adult average (5 inches to 7 inches is the average range). But really, it's not TOO small. It's a penis and you get pleasure out of it. 4 inches is all it takes to pleasure and girl and a guy (whatever you like)

So the answer is no. It's ok
(This should be merged with the "Ask all penis size questions here" sticky)
I'm gonna have to say that Donnie hit the nail on the head with this one.

But I'll add to it by saying; it shouldn't be about penis size, or breast size, or anything like that. The pleasure you get out of sex isn't all physical, there's a lot of mental things that make sex more enjoyable, too.

Not to mention, there's like a million other ways to please a girl(or guy) than with your penis.

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