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Default Wow... i cant believe i havnt introduced myself yet

Hey everyone

Wow, ive been here for almost 1 year and havent introduced myself in this forum... wow... anyways...

As some of you know my names Adam. I live in Massachusetts and i am the Mod of the Puberty Forum. I am also 6ft tall I love to do thrill sports... such as Skateboarding, agressive inline sk8ing (like grinding, jumps, and 1/2 pipes), Offroad bmxing, agressive bmxin (like grinding, jumps, and 1/2 pipes), and water sports such as Wakeboarding, barefooting, slolom skiing, kneeboarding, airchairing, disking, and many others... im just an all around person

I am great with computers and i love to edit film. I make many movies in my free time. I have made some movies that my film teacher in my highschool uses to show a perfect example for their project. haha but im not like one of thouse A/V dorks

I love music! Ne thing but country and ill listen to it. Mostly modern rock, punk rock, classical rock, light metal... like staind... not korn, just pritty much everything lol....

Ne ways... thats pritty much me =] ima update it if ne thing else comes up

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