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You no what really pisses me off? Black people. Not all of them. I have friends that are black. But i hate the black people that go around calling white people crackas. No thats not rasist. Then they call each other N*ggers. For some reason that is fine. But as soon as a white person says N*igger, they are rasist and should be banished from the face of the Earth. I mean what the hell?

I thought they wanted to get rid of that word but aparently not.

Like i have a black assistent princaple. My friend trevor (who is black) got called down to the office because he had done something. As soon as he walked into her office, she starts talking about "i was in the march with king". Or "do you know what blacks had to go through?". Shes brinning up all of this pointless shit that has nothing to do with anything. Its like drop it god dam. It happened 50 years ago and everything is fine now.
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