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Default Re: *** Girls Masturbation Discussion & Techniques Thread ***

Originally Posted by smmerlovinit555 View Post
hey i got a problem and im hoping sumone will have an answer...i cannot organism like ever...i try and i try..still nothing...i cant even when my boyfriend tries to make feels good but theres never a finalley..and now hes starting to worry about it..and i just dont know and it seems like im not even close and i havent just started goin tho idk...does anyone??
Girls do have problems with getting to orgasm, though it's nothing to worry about! I suggest you Google it "female orgasms" or something (no porn >.<), because there might be some techniques that you can go with. If you're not very far into puberty, you may not orgasm just yet. Still, look up some techniques for this, I know it will work!
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