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There is no such thing as one set soul-mate. The world is made up or random-generation, no two people are alike, but there are many that are somewhat alike. Sure, there may be someone who you end up with forever, and maybe you will be 'soul-mates'... But that's not to say that there isn't 100 other people in this world that you could've ended up happily with as well. Six and a half billion is a large number.

Also, don't start with the Christianity... If you want to preach religion, become a minister/priest/what-have-you. Things mate in the wild as soon as they are fertile daily. It's the way nature is. However, humans are different, they have to mature physically AND mentally before mating.

Sex feels good, and if you want to partake in it before you're married or even before you're 18, go the heck ahead! If you feel ready, and your partner feels ready then go for it! It's a lot of responsibility to raise a child, and so you should use protection, or be ready for parenthood(ex:good job, morals, et cetera)

It's not immoral, it's human nature. Get used to it. People have been having sex between ages 13-18 since the dawn of time! Only now, we have a way of preventing children until we are ready, which is great.

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