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Default Re: Ok Ok I'll start like all others: There's this girl.

Originally Posted by crazyfilmguy View Post
No no no, I mean I can't ask her 4 her number because we r both off today and she's on a trip tomorow, therefore I may not see her before the summer hols.
Here's what I say you do:
Step (1) Let school pass
Step (2) Get her phone number from a phone-book.
Step (3) Call her, state who you are, and ask her if she wants to hang out some time at some place that you can both easily get to.

Just say something like "Hey, it's <your name>... I was wonderin' if you wanted to hang out sometime. I dunno maybe go to <insert place/thing>"

Place/thing can be anything less subtle "A movie~" or something very subtle "A walk".

Otherwise, not much you can do. If she lives out of town, best thing you can probably do is wait 'till next schol year.

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