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Almost done. 5'10" 110 lbs. Yes, I'm underweight. Do I care? No. I eat a healthy diet and that's what matters. If you eat healthy food and exercise and you don't lose the weight then you're probably genetically heavy. If you make no effort to change your eating and exercise habits for the better you will get fatter and fatter until you have diabetes and eventually die from heart failure. Does puberty have anything to do with this? Yes, and no. During puberty it's normal to need over 3,000 calories a day. Eating 3,000 calories is acceptable, but only with exercise and if it's the right food. That's the no. Here's the yes. The typical American snack is some shitty fried junk food like chips and french fries. Drinking large quantities of soda will also make you fat due to the quick metabolization of simple sugars, which also leaves you hungry for more junk food which is just starch and fat which makes you hungry for even more junk food because of how quickly your body metabolizes it all.
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