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Originally Posted by Camazotz View Post
First off, if you littteraly jack off 25 times a day or more, I think you should consider seeing a theripist, or doctor. That's very unhealthy! Even 6 times a day is unhealthy.
Are you really that thick? Masturbating is in NO WAY unhealthy.

The only thing he'd risk from 6-25 times, is major chaffing. But if he used lube, it's possible.

Although I'm sure it was a hyperbole you just over-analyzed.

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
how is it possible for any of us to never "lust" over anyone.
God wants you to reproduce, whoever quoted the bible there, MISSED THE IMPORTANT PART. It's speaking of lusting after a woman while MARRIED.

It means don't commit adultery, it doesn't say "don't want to bang your wife"
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